Why do we believe what we believe?

A woman can perceive she is pregnant, feel that something is different in her body, but it’s not until she takes the test that she knows whether or not her feelings and perceptions are true.   A man can say he feels sick and that he feels a cold or the flu coming on but it’s not until the fever hits and a test is taken that he knows it to be true.
This tells me that there must be something that accompanies our truth, there needs to be evidence of what I believe.  There must be something tangible that moves me to know that what I believe is true.  We must know WHY we believe what we do, and we must know The Truth so that we can live in it and not just move in the feelings of what we think “our truth” is, but rather thrive in what God’s truth is.

I was 10 years old sitting in the first row of our church next to my cousin and BFF Lissie.  We were there like every other weekend singing clapping and enjoying ourselves in church.  But this night was different, we had a guest speaker come in and he was talking about God’s miraculous power and how Jesus performed miracles and how the Holy Spirit is the guide that can and will be with us no matter what we go through in life.  I remember a lady going up for prayer because she had one leg shorter than the other by like 3 inches and they sat her down on a chair and stretched her legs out straight and they prayed.  I remember moving closer so that I could see if it would happen, if praying to Jesus for a miracle really worked.  If everything they said about him was really true.  All of a sudden I saw her feet coming together until they were the same length! I could not believe it! I saw a miracle! In that one moment Jesus became real to me.  I heard about him and even sang about him but I never really let the thought of him being really real sink into my heart and mind.  The service continued after the prayer and he began preaching.  As I sat there and sang the songs and heard him speak about Jesus about him dying on the cross and saying that he would leave another comforter.  I could feel my heart open up, I had heard about Jesus in Sunday school but this night, this moment was so real. It was as if I heard him say “today is the day, you saw that I am real, open up your heart and let me in”.  The tears started running down my face I needed to say yes to Jesus, I needed to give him my heart.  When they asked for those that wanted to go up for prayer to come up I made my way up with tears in my eyes I prayed asking God to be the savior of my life, I asked him to lead me, to never leave me and to seal me with his Holy Spirit.  That moment in time is etched in my memories forever.  When I’m faced hard situations and days that make me want to doubt the love of God or question if this is all true or even question my salvation in Jesus, I always go back to that one moment in time.  To that moment when I saw Him do a miracle, when who he was became real, became TRUTH to me, when I felt him in my heart for the first time, when I gave him mine, that will forever be my best moment in time.