In the Storm


Definition of storm:

1a : a disturbance of the atmosphere marked by wind and usually by rain, snow, hail, sleet, or thunder and lightning b : a heavy fall of rain, snow, or hail c (1) : wind having a speed of 64 to 72 miles (103 to 117 kilometers) per hour d : a serious disturbance of any element of nature

2: a disturbed or agitated state 

  • storms of emotion

 : a sudden or violent commotion

3: a heavy discharge of objects (such as missiles)

4: a tumultuous outburst 

  • a storm of protests


An everyday life occurrence is not a storm, a storm is known because it changes the environment. The barometric pressure changes there is a feeling in the atmosphere that something is happening or will be happening.  Wind is not a storm, rain is not a storm those are every day weather occurrences. A storm is a combination of every day occurrence that are changed or made more aggravated and at times even severe. The weather changes happening around the world affect and can cause storms to get greater or diminish.  A storm is a combination of weather patterns that either crash against each other or unite to intensify what would have been just a normal rainy day.


We live in New England snow is snow but a Nor’easter that is a storm.  A nor’easter means that the winds will be high and the accumulation of snow will be more than just a couple of inches. Once they announce it we sit and watch the news.  We watch the storm as it comes our way. We then gather supplies and get ready for it. We prepare for the worst but hope for the best.


In the 1st book of Kings there was a drought in the land and the prophet prayed.  He asked his servant to go out 7 times and look over the water until he came back and said “I see what looks like a hand over the ocean” and the prophet says ok go tell them to get ready for the storm. You see storms don’t just show up, they don’t come out of nowhere.  If we are paying attention we can see the signs from far away. If we stop running around and stop to see and feel our surroundings we will see and feel the storm coming. If the Holy Spirit abides in us He will speak to us and tell us when storms are coming. This storm brought with it the rain they so desperately needed.  This teaches us that not all storms are bad some bring to us what our lives needed, the water that was missing in order to quench or hearts, souls and land.

There are times in our lives where we are in the middle of storm and we get desperate and start doing things to stop the storm.  We get panicked and scared and question where God is. In Mark 4:37-41 we see the disciples having gone on the boat with Jesus and a storm hit them while Jesus was asleep on the lower deck.  The boat started taking in water and they got scared and desperate it says their reaction was to run down and yell at Jesus and say “Don’t you care that we are perishing!” What was Jesus’ response? What did he do and say? He got up rebuked the wind and called out for Peace and for things to be still!  Then he turned to them and said “why are you so fearful how is it that you have no faith”. You see in our Christian walk we can have Jesus in our lives and respond in the same manner. We have him in our boat and get desperate and lose faith when a storm hits. But we must remember who He is! We must remember that He is the creator of heaven and earth we must remember that all authority is his and he has full authority to stand and say Peace be Still.


The next time the skies get dark and the rain falls look up to heaven and say God open my heart, open my mind to receive what you have for me through this storm. For the storms of life teach us that God is our ultimate provider and He will bring the rain that our dry soul needs.  That He has the power to calm the strongest of storms in our lives. That through his word we can find the peace and strength we need to face, endure and persevere any storm.

Come join us this month of July as we unpack the theme In the Storm.