You may say I can’t really see or understand why God would be at the movies, for me it’s the happily ever after endings of movies, or the compassion of the characters, or the meaning behind the theme.

When I think of God at the movies I think about the movie Beauty and the Beast, and you may think why that movie, well as a kid watching that movie you can see how the main character is a beautiful young lady who lives with her father who is known in the town as the old crazy man because of all of his inventions, she is known for the beautiful yet nerdy girl because she is always reading books. The town is composed of many different people who like to talk and murmur of each other.  The story goes on to her father going out of town to try and sell his inventions to him getting lost and being captured by the Beast in the story. After her father not returning she heads out looking for him. As she goes out looking for him she finds him in a castle captured by the beast. She pleads with the beast for the release of her father in return she will stay and take his place, when I think of this it reminds me of how Jesus stood in the gaps by being crucified for our sins. In the process of being captured the beast finds interest in Bella and starts to let her wander the castle he looks at how she looks at him and she notices that there is more to him. She starts to see the good in him even though he is a beast. That’s exactly how God looks at us when we sin, and sin over and over again but God is a sovereign God who forgives and loves and corrects us with the help of the holy spirit. She truly see’s the inner beauty in the beast just as God sees the inner beauty and potential in us even when we don’t see it or believe it.  

It doesn’t matter how ugly we may think we are or how many times we sin; even how many times we may hurt ourselves or our families. God is always their fighting for us, reminding us that he loves us unconditionally. So the next time you are watching a movie imagine what would God say or think about you, because at the end we are the movie.  

Psalms 139:16 (the message version) Like an open book, you watched me grow from conception to birth; all the stages of my life were spread out before you, the days of my life all prepared before I’d even lived one day.